About The Council

The North Coast Advisory Council meets at 6:30 PM, the third Wednesday of every month.  Meetings take place at the Rabobank Community Room in Cambria’s West Village and Agendas are posted online.    Committee meeting dates are detailed within the “Committees” link below.   All affiliated NCAC meetings are also reflected on the website’s calendar, including time, location and maps – just click on the calendar date for the details.

Take an active role in your community.   Attend the NCAC meetings.  Participate as a community member on the council’s standing committees.  Run for election to become a member of the North Coast Advisory Council.  Candidates must be 18 or over and live in the NCAC area they represent.  Want to represent other community interests?  The council also appoints business, environment, agriculture and Latina/Latino representatives.

Council Member Elections
NCAC voting areas cover Cambria and San Simeon.  There are 8 geographical voting areas.  One is San Simeon, the other seven are in Cambria.  Council members serve two-year terms, with election for odd-numbered areas (1,3,5,7) held in odd-numbered years.  Election for even-numbered areas (2,4,6,8) in even-numbered years.

Following are the defined area, including a detailed listing of Voting Addresses by area and Maps which visually showing the footprint of the individual areas.

The following list provides the numeric designation for the individual areas.  A detailed listing of Voting Addresses by area and Maps associated with those areas are available for viewing on the Area Maps page – a convenient link is listed below.

Area 1          San Simeon
Area 2          Leimert
Area 3          Park Hill
Area 4          Pine Knolls, San Simeon Creek
Area 5          Lodge Hill, East of Highway 1
Area 6          Lodge Hill, West & Marine Terrace
Area 7          Lodge Hill, Central
Area 8          Lodge Hill, Top of the World

Council Members


Area Maps

Governing Documents